International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) Connection | Introduction

An IPLC (international private leased circuit) is a point-to-point private line used by an organization to communicate between offices that are geographically dispersed throughout the world. An IPLC can be used for Internet access, business data exchange, video conferencing, and any other form of telecommunication.
To simplify IPLC ordering and billing, a concept called One Stop Shopping (OSS) was developed. OSS allows an organization to place a single order with a single carrier for two private leased circuits for two offices in two different countries. In the past, an organization had to contact each carrier in each country to order the two circuits, which included two separate invoices. OSS consolidates the billing for both circuits into a single invoice, handles all currency issues, and allows the organization to report all problems from either circuit to one carrier.

Features Of IPLC Connection

  1. A wide array of bandwidths
    A wide array of bandwidths including n x 64K, 2Mbps/E1, 45 Mbps/T3 and 155 Mbps/STM1, subject to availability.
  2. Effective mid-point of an international network connection
    A ‘Half circuit’ IPLC is an international circuit from the Wharf T&T Central office to the effective mid-point of an international network connection with capacity provided by the far end telecom service provider.
  3. One-stop-shop, billing and fault reporting
    For end-to-end solutions, Wharf T&T provides one-stop shop service, billing and fault reporting in partnership with overseas IPLC service providers.
  4. Single currency and convenience
    Single currency, convenience of single bill.
  5. Round-the-clock 7×24 network support
    Round-the-clock 7×24 network support and management coverage for all IPLC circuits ensures reliable, high quality transmission.
  6. Reliable optic fibre local data
    Reliable optic fibre local data circuitry connection to your site in Hong Kong.
  7. 100% Service Level Agreement
    100% Service Level Agreement (SLA) available for selected countries.
    Full-circuit IPLC-MANAGED BANDWIDTH service is available for the entire IPLC circuitry depending on your target country and bandwidth requirement.

    Note : All the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Call Centers use IPLC Connection for Call routing and data transmission.


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